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    I'm very impressed with this auto insurance agent.

    “I’m very impressed with this auto insurance agent. That seldom happens as I usually help people recover money from insurance companies. James is one of the few insurance agents I’ve ever met who actually had previous automotive experience and truly cares about his clients. He knows cars and he helps people not only get the right coverage, but also helps them with their claim if they have an accident where the vehicle was either damaged or totaled. Over the last few years, James has informed clients who were not receiving enough for their vehicle about their appraisal clause and how to invoke it so they can recover the amount they should from the insurance company. That’s what I love about independent agents like James. Franchise agents may even go so far as to keep this information from you because they work directly for the insurance company. If you’re looking for a new auto policy, I highly recommend you speak with James. I see people all the time who have wrecks and don’t realize until it’s too late that the insurance agent left out that very important coverage. Such as a client I had recently who owned a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van with Up-fitted Accessories valued at over $130,000. But because his “franchise” agent didn’t add for the up-fitted accessories in his policy, the insurance company only paid $60,000 on his total loss claim. I’ve had the pleasure of working with several clients who were educated on total loss and diminished value by James over the past few years and who sought out an auto appraiser to recover the amount they should have received due to their accident. He has even gone so far as to contact me directly to make sure everything is going well for his client. I’m an Oregon certified Auto Appraiser and I’m writing this review because I believe this insurance broker actually helps people. I have not been asked to write this review and I have not been compensated or expect any referrals or compensation from this agent for writing this review.”